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What is ProType?

ProType is JavaScript front end (browser) framework. It is object oriented only and help you separate tasks and views while staying productive.

Why ProType?

Because I couldn't find a framework that could use classes in the most effective way. I wanted something that could resemble other language, such as Swift (and Cocoa) or Dart (with Flutter). ProType will help you build big UIs, such as web apps or apps with other frameworks like Cordova or Electron.

P.S. The word ProType comes from Prototype, a property used in JavaScript to add elements to a class

How it work?

ProType follows a set of rules:

Object Oriented

ProType is a Object Oriented based framework, which means that everything is defined in terms of class.


The code that is written with ProType is meant to be wrote in the latest version of ECMAScript (JavaScript). I use the latest technologie when developping ProType, and I encourage you to do the same. But that doesn't mean your website won't work with older browsers, our friends at Babel are helping us implementing ProType and your code for every browsers using their tools.


ProType code might seems a little bit longer to write for very small projects, but it was designed to fit very large projects. And you will be much more productive using ProType for large projects than other JavaScript frameworks such as DisplayJS, jQuery or even Vue.


ProType will react to user interaction or events based on your code. This will help you show to your users what they want in milliseconds.


ProType is safe and non-destructive. You can use other framework, library or piece of code in addition to ProType without breaking anything.


ProType is fast, very fast. You will be able to optimize your website / app very easily and quickly. ProType was designed to run as fast or even faster than vanilla JavaScript.

Install, build, deploy.


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See the Pen ProType - Name by Arthur Guiot (@arguiot) on CodePen.

See the Pen ProType - Clock by Arthur Guiot (@arguiot) on CodePen.

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